Angels and Demons That Play: A Musical Memoir

2nd Edition

New book now into it’s SECOND EDITION details a life spent in music by world-renowned drummer Paul Sears with new contributions by 5 more friends bringing the fun from the original 15 contributors up to a total of 20 people! 50 new pages of STUFF!

Paul Sears reminisces about a continuing long career in music, the songs, the players, the events and trials and tribulations.

Apache Junction, AZ, November 7, 2023 — Drummer Paul Sears, a superb writer and storyteller, along with 20 guest contributors, penned a book (updated to this brand new 2nd edition) filled with memories, wry commentary, cartoon images and plain fun. The brand new second edition includes 5+ years of updates, commentary from old friends, both funny and unfunny stories, new music, and more.

“I need not get into debates on Facebook or anywhere else anymore about music and other things, because everything is in my book, so buy it and all your questions shall be answered,” says Paul Sears.

Paul, his friends and colleagues, reminisce about a continuing lifetime of creative music. In both in live performances and recordings, no rolling stone is left unturned in this fascinating memoir. Dive in and enjoy the show.

“Dad would tell me, now this is jazz, now this is classical, and this is avant-garde...and so on. To me it was all just music. I either thought it was bitchin’, or it wasn’t. To me, classical is a period encompassing approximately the years 1730 to 1820, not a type of music. Igor Stravinsky, Alberto Ginastera and Bela Bartok are certainly not what I would call classical music. It’s either GOOD MUSIC, or the other kind. My musical compass is wide, thanks to so much exposure to different stuff over the years. I will give anything a shot as long as it involves people operating actual musical instruments, and non auto-tuned singing. So…there it is.

When ordered directly from Stairway Press Angels and Demons that Play comes with a companion music CD, a compilation with fourteen songs from some of the various artists Paul recorded with, including The Muffins, Karda Estra, Spirits Burning and many others. Members of Van Der Graaf Generator, Hawkwind, Blue Oyster Cult, The Mahavishnu Orchestra, Gong, 9353, Clearlight and others are represented.

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Angles and Demons that Play

What others say about Angels and Demons that Play on Amazon:

“Paul is probably best known as the drummer for The Muffins who were leaders in the American avant/prog movement in the 70’s and beyond. Paul is an incredible drummer who has played with a who’s who of musical projects over the years. He is a true character and this book is an entertaining read.” – Steve Sly

“This book is really an awesome rock/progressive life story. Written by drummer Paul Sears—it tells of his start in local bands in DC and going on to play with some of the most extraordinary musicians in the world. I didn't really know what to expect—“maybe he was going to write it with drumsticks”—but I am very impressed with the stories and the excellent job Paul does in writing about the adventures of his life and lots of more stuff about music in the DC area and all over the place. A really great memoir.” – Robert A. Siegel

“Witty, informative, and gripping read. And the CD included in the print version is a fascinating listen as well. I always enjoy reading the memoirs of favorite musicians and how their lives intertwine. I can almost hear Roger Trigaux quote about playing The Tube in his distinctive Belgian accent! Good fun, great information.” – DJ SiniMin

Contact Information:
Ken Coffman, Publisher, Stairway Press
1000 West Apache Trail, Suite 126
Apache Junction, AZ 85120
(360) 420-8870

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