Dear lords 'n' ladies, I hope everyone is well in these krazee times. My book "Angels & Demons That Play" is still available from Stairway Press. Be hip. Impress your pals. Buy my book! Some bookstores carry my book. There is a page for the book on this site. The book is available all over the web from many sources, but note that the music CD only comes at no extra cost with direct Stairway Press orders. Best price too from what I see. Here's the link:

STILL...Ripping through a LOT of archives for The Muffins. Literally 100s of Gigabytes of video and audio data. We are lurching, crawling, stumbling, debating, etc. towards assembling a box set of unreleased goodies, working title BOXED & CROSSED - live stuff, outtakes from 2000s going back to mid 1970s, and DVD (s).

New releases from Killstrap & my AZ pal Billy Lowry are done recording and releases imminent. I am available for recording projects, interviews, and can be EVEN be bribed to play shows and tours when we get back to whatever "NORMAL" was. Or should be. Feel free to rattle my cage if you think I might fit your recording or live project.

I am also assembling random bits already recorded (jeez I have a lot of stuff) and folks are sending me orphaned and some custom audio trax for something I plan to call WORLD BEYOND. (Special thanks to Tom Crawford who has sent me some good stuff) Feel free to contact me if you may be interested in participating. Any instrument welcome.

Email is always the best way to contact me for any of that skinny: too. I have projects going, but can always use more. Gimme a gig!

Attention Filmmakers! I and my colleagues have tons of hours of cool music available for film soundtrack licensing. Email if interested in more information. Thanks for dropping by. Head for my links and go to my facebook page for finer grained stuff 'till next update.