Dear people, thank you so much for visiting! I am racking up drum projects, and working on some films and music with a local film company. Just completed my first 2 films as principal on set sound recording engineer. Learning a lot, as this is nothing like making records! Several more short films with them are imminent. I was recently promoted to Executive Producer.

Check out my new boutique label at where I will release stuff from time to time.

Got room lately if anyone is interested in drum work. Email for skinny or questions on how this here drum session stuff works.

I now have an actual band - Chosen Few which is currently a sax, bass, and drums trio. Guitar and keys welcome....local to Superior AZ preferred. Hit my email...:-)

My book, a musical memoir called "Angels & Demons That Play" is into its SECOND (whooooohoo) edition as of November 2023! Be hip. Impress your pals. Buy my book! Some stores carry my book. It sports crazy (funny and not) stories, cool art and cartoons (Thanks to the amazin' Nick Prol) and 20 (5 new) contributors add some fun to the mix. There is a page for the book on this site. The book is available all over the web from many sources, but note that the FREE music CD only comes at no extra cost with direct Stairway Press orders, at my book signings, from me, or a local shop near me in Superior AZ. Amazon reviews are also appreciated both by my publisher and myself. Kindle version available too if you have the first edition! Email is always the best way to contact me for any more info: I do not use and never will use fb Messenger or any other mobile social media.

ATTENTION FILM MAKERS!!! I and my colleagues have tons of hours of cool music available for film soundtrack licensing. Email if interested in more information. I have projects going, but can always use more. Thanks for dropping by. Head for my links and go to my facebook page for finer grained stuff 'till next update.

Gimme a gig! ~ Jaco Pastorius